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Ennio Morricone O.S.T. - I Malamondo (2LP)

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This lively soundtrack from 1964 is one of the first works by the brilliant Ennio Morricone. Now for the first time as a double LP with 7 unreleased bonus tracks! Morricone accompanied the sensational documentary with lively bossa nova, Latin tracks and catchy catchy tunes. Digitally remastered from the original tapes.


A1 Le Facce 0:59

A2 Penso a Te (instrumental version) 02:06

A3 L’Ultima Volta 2:32

A4 Questi Vent’Anni Miei (instrumental version) 2:33

A5 La Prima Volta 2:51

A6 I Malamondo (Moderato Swing) 1:51

A7 Stanchezza 1:29


B1 Nulla Da Fare 2:19

B2 Bianco E Nero 2:39

B3 Muscoli Di Velluto 2:36

B4 Senza Freno 2:38

B5 Party Proibito 2:47

B6 Walzer Bossa Nova 2:06

B7 Dachau 0:56


C1 S.O.S. 2:53

C2 Twist Delle Zitelle 2:29

C3 Dispari 2:55

C4 La City 1:45

C5 Matricole 2:30

C6 Sospesi Nel Cielo 2:15


D1 I Malamondo (Fox) 3:04

D2 I Malamondo (Organ Swing) 1:24

D3 I Malamondo (March) 1:19

D4 Senza Freno #2 3:03

D5 Penso a te #2 1:09

D6 I Malamondo (Twist) 1:50

D7 I Malamondo (Night Swing) 1:58

D8 Sospesi Nel Cielo #2 1:37