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Tony Bennett & Bill Evans The Tony Bennett / Bill Evans Album

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The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album (1975) brings together two legends of modern music. Featuring just vocal and piano, without any additional musicians, the two artists selected the songs and worked out the arrangements for what was to become the first of two albums together
Bennett and Evans first met in 1962, when both were performing (though not yet together) in a special jazz event on The White House lawn (during the Kennedy years). It was the jazz and theatre singer Annie Ross, who had known both men for many years by the early ‘70s, who supposedly came up with the idea that Bennett and Evans should do an album together.
In June 1975, they finally got together. Tony later related: “I said to Bill, ‘Listen, it will just be the two of us – you don’t bring your cronies and I won’t bring mine!’” Bennett and Evans selected the tunes, worked out the arrangements semi-spontaneously, and picked the final takes to be used. The music is some of the most heartfelt and human in that rarely entered realm where jazz and pop music merge. Their follow-up album, Together Again, was released in 1977.
This 180-gram reissue was cut from the original analog tapes by Kevin Gray and pressed at RTI, and comes packaged in a tip-on jacket with Obi.


Side A

1. Young And Foolish
2. The Touch Of Your Lips
3. Some Other Time
4. When In Rome
5. We’ll Be Together Again

Side B

1. My Foolish Heart
2. Waltz For Debby
3. But Beautiful
4. Days Of Wine And Roses