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Portico Quartet Portico Quartet

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The third, self-titled, album from Portico Quartet was originally released on 30 January 2012 and saw the band embracing new sonic territories. This 10th anniversary re-release sees the album newly remastered for vinyl and cut across three sides by John Davis at Metropolis (the fourth side is an etching). It also sees the track ‘Laker Boo’ added to the vinyl release for the first time.

The album features new artwork from the band’s Duncan Bellamy. The LP comes with a hi-res download code for the full album plus previously unreleased tracks exclusive to the download voucher. The LP jackets are embossed with silver foiled and include a 12-page 12” booklet of black and white photography from the recording period.


A1. Window Seat [3:18]

A2. Ruins [5:34]

A3. Spinner [4:38]

B1. Rubidium [8:44]

B2. Export for Hot Climates [1:08]

B3. Laker Boo [7:51]

C1. Steepless [3:57]

C2. 4096 Colours [4:35]

C3. City of Glass [6:36]

C4. Trace [1:53]

Side D has no audio and is an etching