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GoGo Penguin A Humdrum Star

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Different worlds have always collided, vividly, in the sound of GoGo Penguin. The Manchester-based trio conjure richly atmospheric music that draws from their shared love of electronica, their grounding in classical conservatoires and jazz ensembles alongside indie bands, and a merging of acoustic and electronic techniques. Over the past few years, it has earned them rapturous responses all over the world - the New York Times highlighted them as one of the 12 best bands at SXSW 2017 - and proved that they’re just as at home playing to muddy festival goers as jazz fans. Their latest album, A Humdrum Star, builds on the heady momentum of its acclaimed predecessors, the Mercury Prize-nominated V2.0 (2014) and Man Made Object (2016, marking their move to the legendary Blue Note Records), and transports it to new realms.


  1. Prayer 2:54
  2. Raven 4:58
  3. Bardo 7:14
  4. A Hundred Moons 4:28
  5. Strid 8:11
  6. Transient State 5:59
  7. Return To Text 5:23
  8. Reactor 6:17
  9. Window 5:21