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Melody Gardot Worrisome Heart

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With her internationally highly acclaimed debut album "Worrisome Heart" the young American singer and songwriter Melody Gardot also took the German public by storm in 2008. After an accident a doctor had advised her to use music therapy for convalescences so Melody Gardot began to compose and recorded a first EP and finally her debut album. She was not a fanatical music connoisseur back then, but she knew how the arrangements of her own songs should sound in the end. A vocal presence full of passion and intensity, flawlessly intoned but so lasciviously and delicately whispered that one is amazed at the artistic maturity and would hardly have expected from someone in her early twenties.

Although she came up with an extended instrumentation and additional tone colors on "Worrisome Heart", the arrangements are always aimed at putting the intimate fragility of her voice and lyrics in the right light. She was accompanied by guitarist Jef Lee Johnson (Billy Joel, George Duke, Aretha Franklin, David Sandborn), keyboardist Joel Bryant (Aretha Franklin, Harry Connick Jr.) and trumpeter Matt Cappy (Jill Scott, Kirk Franklin).


A1 Worrisome Heart
A2 All That I Need Is Love
A3 Gone     
A4 Sweet Memory        
A5 Some Lessons   
B1 Quiet Fire          
B2 One Day                           
B3 Love Me Like A River Does   
B4 Goodnite                              
B5 Twilight