This Dream Of You by Diana Krall - Vinyl - shop now at JazzEcho store
This Dream Of You by Diana Krall - Vinyl - shop now at JazzEcho store

Diana Krall This Dream Of You

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Three years after her successful album "Turn Up The Quiet", Diana Krall presented "This Dream Of You" in 2020, an exciting as well as multi-layered new masterpiece. It doesn't take clairvoyant abilities to have an idea of who Diana Krall was dreaming of when she completed "This Dream Of You" earlier this year. The recordings for her fifteenth solo album had already been made in 2016 and 2017, when the Canadian jazz diva was still assisted by Tommy LiPuma, her long-time producer, friend and advisor in all aspects of life. Out of the sessions at that time came the critically acclaimed album "Turn Up The Quiet," which, of course, again (like all her albums since the 1997's "Love Scenes") hit #1 on the Billboard jazz charts. However, the last collaboration with LiPuma, who died a little later, had been so fruitful that enough material was recorded for at least two more albums.

"This Dream Of You' is far from being an album of outtakes or unfinished music," Diana Krall makes clear. It differs, she adds, substantially from its predecessor and shows a different picture of her, "in a different setting." This is not least due to the fact that she asked her sound engineer Al Schmitt to mix the recordings for "This Dream Of You" differently in order to bring her voice closer to the listener's ear. In fact, Diana Krall has probably never before been heard as directly and immediately as here.


1. But Beautiful
2. That’s All/Azure-Te
3. Autumn in New York
4. Almost Like Being in Love
5. More Than You Know
6. Just You, Just Me
7. There’s No You
8. Don’t Smoke in Bed
9. This Dream of You
10. I Wished on the Moon
11. How Deep is the Ocean
12. Singing in the Rain