The Los Angeles League Of Musicians by LA LOM - LP - shop now at JazzEcho store
The Los Angeles League Of Musicians by LA LOM - LP - shop now at JazzEcho store

LA LOM The Los Angeles League Of Musicians

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If you listen to LA LOM's music with your eyes closed, you might find yourself in a world somewhere between shimmering tropical heat and a black and white Hollywood crime thriller. Music with the “twang” of rockabilly, the sensuality of Latin American rhythms and the raw sound of modern independent music, which has already found prominent fans such as Beck and Vampire Weekend. Behind LA LOM, abbreviation for The Los Angeles League of Musicians, are the three LA-born musicians Zac Sokolow (guitar), Jake Faulkner (bass) and Nicholas Baker (drums/percussion). In 2019 they got together to play at the historic Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, by now they perform concerts in front of thousands of people, released the first digital singles of their Latin and soul instrumentals and attract countless fans to their popular social media profiles. Their album debut on Verve Records was produced by Elliot Bergman (Cage the Elephant, Major Lazer, Wild Belle).


A1. Angels Point 3:14
A2. Figueroa 2:44
A3. Maravilla 2:19
A4. '72 Monte Carlo 2:59
A5. El Sereno 3:07
A6. Lorena 4:02

B1. Lucia 2:11
B2. Danza de LA LOM 3:03
B3. Espejismo 3:11
B4. Ghosts of Gardena 3:38
B5. Moonlight Over Montebello 2:37
B6. Rebecca 3:58
B7. San Fernando Rose 2:51