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Bill Frisell Orchestras

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Bill Frisell’s expansive double album "Orchestras" documents two inspired concert-hall engagements arranged by Michael Gibbs for the guitarist’s trio with bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Rudy Royston: one featuring the nearly 60-piece Brussels Philharmonic, conducted by Alexander Hanson; and one with the 11-piece Umbria Jazz Orchestra, under the musical direction of Manuele Morbidini. Sweeping orchestration evoking landmark film scores and Gil Evans alike move nimbly within and around the trio’s telepathic rapport, and Frisell’s shimmering trademark tone melds gorgeously with symphonic strings and brass.

The 3-LP exclusive vinyl version adds a 3rd disc of material that will not be available anywhere else.


Album 1: With The Brussels Philharmonic
1. Nocturne Vulgaire
2. Lush Life
3. Doom
4. Rag
5. Throughout
6. Electricity
7. Sweet Rain
8. Richter 858, No.7
9. Beautiful Dreamer

Album 2: With Umbria Jazz Orchestra
1. Lookout for Hope
2. Levees
3. Strange Meeting
4. Doom
5. Electrcity
6. Monica Jane
7. We Shall Overcome

Album 3: With Brussels Philharmonic (Jazzecho-Store exclusive)
1. Be That as It May
2. Drum Solo
3. Moon River
4. Lotus Blossom
5. Monroe
6. A Flower is a Lovesome Thing
7. What the World Needs Now is Love