The Absence (2024 Reissue) by Melody Gardot - LP - shop now at JazzEcho store
The Absence (2024 Reissue) by Melody Gardot - LP - shop now at JazzEcho store

Melody Gardot The Absence (2024 Reissue)

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For a good two years after the release of her previous album "My One And Only Thrill", Melody Gardot toured the world, rushing from continent to continent and from gig to gig. You would think that she would have had enough of traveling after that. But no, Melody remained restless and was always up for new adventures. She traveled through the deserts of Morocco and the streets of Lisbon, visited the tango bars of Buenos Aires and the beaches of Brazil to capture some of the essence of all these exotic places for her new album "The Absence", without giving up her very own musical identity. In the USA, Melody Gardot found the perfect partners for these extraordinary recordings in Brazilian-born producer and guitarist Heitor Teixeira Pereira (a.k.a. Heitor TP), bassist John Leftwich, percussionist Paulinho da Costa and drummers Jim Keltner and Peter Erskine. "The Absence" is an album that demonstrates their unusual talent and at the same time radiates great sensuality.

A After being unavailable for quite a while, the LP from 2012 is finally being reissued.


A1. Mira
A2. Amalia
A3. So Long
A4. So We Meet Again My Heartache)
A5. Lisboa

B1. Impossible Love
B2. If I Tell You I Love You
B3. Goodbye
B4. Se Voce Me Ama
B5. My Heart Won't Have It Any Other Way
B6. Iemanja