WORLD MUSIC RADIO by Jon Batiste - 2 Vinyl - shop now at JazzEcho store
WORLD MUSIC RADIO by Jon Batiste - 2 Vinyl - shop now at JazzEcho store


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World Music Radio is the new musical transmission from multi-GRAMMY® and Oscar® winner Jon Batiste, following his historic and acclaimed hit record WE ARE.

This concept album stars Batiste as interstellar traveling griot/DJ Billy Bob Bo Bob (a.k.a. B4) who examines popular music from around the globe on a radio broadcast from Earth to the rest of the universe - begging the question, isn’t all music, world music?

Inspired by his decades-long study of music and culture, World Music Radio is a sonic passport for the ears, seeing Batiste reach new artistic heights with global collaborators Jon Bellion, Lil Wayne, Fireboy DML, J.I.D, Camilo, NewJeans and others - blurring the sonic boundaries known as “genre” and transforming your Tuesday morning into Saturday night.


Disc 1, Side A
1. Hello, Billy Bob
2. Raindance (ft. Native Soul)
3. Be Who You Are (ft. J.I.D, NewJeans, Camilo)
4. Worship

Disc 1, Side B
1. My Heart (ft. Rita Payés)
2. Drink Water (ft. Jon Bellion, Fireboy DML)
3. Calling Your Name
4. Clair De Lune (ft. Kenny G)
5. Butterfly

Disc 2, Side A
1. 17th Ward Prelude
2. Uneasy (ft. Lil Wayne)
3. CALL NOW (504-305-8269) (ft. Michael Batiste)
4. Chassol
6. MOVEMENT 18’ (Heroes)
7. Master Power

Disc 2, Side B
1. Running Away (ft. Leigh-Anne)
2. Goodbye, Billy Bob
3. White Space
4. Wherever You Are
5. (Bonus Track) Life Lesson (ft. Lana Del Rey)