Call On The Old Wise by Nitai Hershkovits - Vinyl - shop now at JazzEcho store
Call On The Old Wise by Nitai Hershkovits - Vinyl - shop now at JazzEcho store

Nitai Hershkovits Call On The Old Wise

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With Call on the old Wise Nitai Hershkovits delivers an entrancing solo album. In this largely improvised solo rendering, the pianist draws from broad influences, ranging from his extensive work in jazz contexts and cutting-edge contemporary explorations to his background in classical music. This immaculate balance of idioms gives rise to an abundance of colours and timbres, explored by a pianist, who has successfully forged his very own voice as improviser and shape-designer. With a soft touch, light action and washing harmonies, Nitai’s improvisations unfold like compositions being created in real-time, making Call on the Old Wise a testimony to the pianist’s unique inventiveness as well as an essential addition to ECM’s celebrated line of solo piano recordings. The album, recorded in Lugano in 2022 and produced by Manfred Eicher, follows after his contributions in Oded Tzur’s quartet on the acclaimed recordings Here Be Dragons (2020) and Isabela (2022).


Seite 1
1 The Old Wise
2 Enough To Say I Will
3 Mode Antigona
4 Of Trust and Remorse
5 Intermezzo No.3
6 Majestic Steps Glow Far
7 Dream Your Dreams
8 Placid In Africansque
9 Mode Brilliante

Seite 2
10 Single Petal Of A Rose
11 A Rooftop Minuet
12 Late Blossom
13 Intermezzo No.4
14 In Satin
15 This You Mean To Me
16 Of Mentorship
17 For Suzan
18 River Wash Me