Brand New Life by Brandee Younger - CD - shop now at JazzEcho store
Brand New Life by Brandee Younger - CD - shop now at JazzEcho store

Brandee Younger Brand New Life

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"Brand New Life" is Brandee Younger's second album on Impulse! Records.  Younger is quite often noted for standing on the shoulders of the very woman who ushered in the harp as a clear and distinct voice in jazz - particularly Dorothy Ashby. Having studied her life and music intensely, this would be accurate. As an artist, Brandee continues to bring new life to her work while simultaneously introducing a unique voice and seamlessly integrating contemporary genres that extend the instrument into yet a new life, breaking down barriers for future harpists to come.

The intersection of Younger’s identity through race, gender, and locale, offers her the unique experience of accessing the instrument within the richness of Black creative expression, culture, and community. This meaningful, contextual distinction is beautifully evident in Younger's music across every album and performance. Like her predecessors, Younger is a reflection of and commitment to the continuum of Black music.

Brandee Younger - Harp (and vocals on track 5)

Rashaan Carter - Bass / Makaya McCraven - Drums / Joel Ross - Vibraphone / DeSean Jones - Flute / Yuri Popowycz - Strings / Mumu Fresh - Vocals (Track 2) / Pete Rock - Drum Programming (Track 2) / Linda McNease-Younger - Vocals (Track 5) / Sharon McNease-Griggs - Vocals (Track 5) / Meshell Ndegeocello - Vocals (Track 8) / Junius Paul - Bass (Track 9) / 9th Wonder - Drum Programming Additional Production


01. You're A Girl For One Man Only (3:59)

(Dorothy Ashby / Brandee Younger)

02. Brand New Life (feat. Mumu Fresh) (4:32)

(Brandee Younger / Maimouna Youssef)

03. Come Live With Me (Interlude) (2:23)

(Michael Joseph Caranda / Russ Carlyle /

Ivan J. Washabaugh)

04. Livin' and Lovin' in My Own Way (feat. Pete Rock) (4:58)

(Dorothy Ashby / Brandee Younger)

05. Running Game Intro (1:07)

(Dorothy Ashby / Brandee Younger)

06. Running Game (4:39)

(Dorothy Ashby / Brandee Younger)

07. Moving Target (4:21)

(Brandee Younger)

08. Dust (feat. Meshell N’degeocello) (4:36)

(Dorothy Ashby)

09. The Windmills of Your Mind (feat. 9th Wonder) (2:56)

(Michel Legrand / Alan Bergman / Marilyn Bergman)

10. If It’s Magic (3:30)

(Stevie Wonder)