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Mandy Moore In Real Life

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On her new album In Real Life, Mandy Moore shares a window into her world and all that illuminates it: the quiet heartaches and ineffable joys, crushing setbacks and life-changing leaps of faith.

The Los Angeles-based artist’s seventh full-length brings a new level of self-possession to her songwriting, imbuing each track with both detailed storytelling and lucid self-reflection.



  1. In Real Life (3:52)
  2. Heartlands (3:34)
  3. Little Dreams (3:27)
  4. Just Maybe (3:48)
  5. Living In The In Between (3:01)


  1. In Other Words (4:10)
  2. Four Moons (3:35)
  3. Little Victories (3:52)
  4. Heavy Lifting (3:42)
  5. Brand New Nowhere (3:17)
  6. Every Light (4:19)