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Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron Night and The City

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Night and the City was the third in a series of Charlie Haden duet projects for Verve in the 1990s, recorded live at New York City's Iridium Jazz Club in 1996. Since the mid-1970s, after the great collective and utopian struggles, Charlie Haden has made a specialty of musical conversation, like a return to the essential. Here he is engaging in a loving and modest tête-à-tête with pianist Kenny Barron, full of sobriety and introspective lyricism. A music that is both seductive and audacious, gently nostalgic, between the deep and melancholic bass and the precious harmonies of a piano firmly anchored in the history of jazz.

This 140-gram vinyl is the first international vinyl reissue, pressed at Optimal, and is presented in a wide-spine, single-sleeve jacket.


Side A
1. Twilight Song 12:47
Side B
1. For Heaven's Sake 10:46
2. Spring Is Here 10:20

Side C
1. Body And Soul 10:25
2. You Don't Know How I Love Is 6:59
Side D
1. Waltz For Ruth 8:27 
2. The Very Thought Of You 11:01