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Gregory Porter Water

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It was the beginning of a great career, now Gregory Porter's debut album is being released for the first time by Blue Note in a remastered new edition. In 2010, the then almost unknown singer was nominated for his first Grammy with his first album. And, as everyone now knows, it should continue to climb steeply. He can now look back on five Grammy nominations, two Grammy wins, six studio and two live albums, two compilations and numerous guest appearances. For those who don't already have the great debut in their collection, or who want to upgrade, "Water" is now available on remastered CD in digipak.


  1. Illusion 3:04
  2. Pretty 6:21
  3. Magic Cup 6:12
  4. Skylark 8:19
  5. Black Nile 4:57
  6. Wisdom 9:31
  7. 1960 What? 12:27
  8. But Beautiful 5:36
  9. Lonely One 5:43
  10. Water 4:03
  11. Feeling Good 3:02