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Ondara Spanish Villager Vol. 3

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With his album “Tales of America” (2019), Ondara, who came to the US from Nairobi, Kenya, made a big splash not only in the States, where he was nominated for Best Americana Album at the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards. His signature high-pitched voice and incredible songwriting gifts set him apart from other artists immediately. His new album combines catchy pop songs with strong political commentary, telling the story of “Spanish Villager” a superhero-type anarchist bringing chaos and revolution to the world we know.


  1. An Alien in Minneapolis
  2. A Blackout in Paris
  3. A Seminar in Tokyo
  4. A Shakedown in Berlin
  5. A Drowning in Mexico City
  6. A Prophet of Doom
  7. A Seasonal Amnesia
  8. A Nocturnal Heresy
  9. A Suspicious Deliverance
  10. A Witch and a Saint
  11. A Contrarian Odyssey