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Chet Baker Chet Baker Sings and Plays

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Following the success of his vocal debut Chet Baker Sings in 1954, Pacific Jazz brought the rising star trumpeter back into the studio the next year for the sequel Chet Baker Sings and Plays which showcased both sides of Baker’s artistry on a set of standards including his timeless rendition of “Let’s Get Lost.”

This mono Tone Poet Vinyl Edition was produced by Joe Harley, mastered by Kevin Gray from the original analog master tapes, pressed on 180g vinyl at RTI, and packaged in a deluxe tip-on jacket.


Chet Baker Sings and Plays (1955)

1.. Let's Get Lost (Side A)
2.. This Is Always (Side A)  
3.. Long Ago And Far Away (Side A)
4.. Someone To Watch Over Me (Side A)
5.. Just Friends (Side A)
6.. I Wish I Knew (Side B)
7.. Daybreak (Side B)
8.. You Don't Know What Love Is (Side B)
9.. Grey December (Side B)
10.. I Remember You (Side B)

Chet Baker (trumpet, vocals)
Russ Freeman (piano); Bud Shank (flute)
Red Mitchell, Carson Smith (bass)
Corky Hale (harp); Bob Neel (drums)