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Thelonious Monk Palo Alto: The Custodian Mix (Limited LP)

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Palo Alto: The Custodian’s Mix is a journey back in time to Palo Alto High School’s sold-out auditorium on October 27, 1968, where Thelonious Monk and his quartet delivered an extraordinary performance. This limited-edition LP presents this historic concert exactly as it was recorded by a still-unknown high school custodian - the ultimate account of the concert as it happened. The identity of the recording engineer may remain a mystery, but the power of both Monk’s music and the original recording are self-evident.


A1 Ruby, My Dear 7:00

A2 Well, You Needn't 13:16

B1 Don't Blame Me 6:36

B2 Blue Monk 14:02

B3 Epistrophy 4:26

B4 I Love You Sweetheart Of All My Dreams 2:02