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Archie Shepp Attica Blues

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Archie Shepp - saxophone, Marion Brown - saxophone, flute, percussion, Clifford Thornton - cornet, Roy Burrows, Charles McGhee, Michael Ridley - trumpet, Charles Greenlee, Charles Stephens, Kiane Zawadi - trombone, Cal Massey - fluegelhorn, Hakim Jami - euphonium, Clarence White, Roland Alexander, Billy Robinson, James Ware - saxophone, Walter Davis, Jr. - electric piano, piano, Dave Burrell - electric piano, Cornell Dupree - guitar, Roland Wilson, Gerald Jemmott - Fender bass, Jimmy Garrison - bass, Billy Higgins, Beaver Harris - drums, Ollie Anderson, Nene DeFense, Juma Sultan - percussion, Henry Hull, Joe Lee Wilson, Waheeda Massey - vocals, Joshie Armstead, Albertine Robertson - backing vocals, William Kunstler, Bartholomew Gray – narration, String section

The Impulse! classic “Attica Blues“, originally released in 1972, is one of saxophonist Archie Shepp’s most lasting and enduring works. With its powerful avant-garde tracks and strong political messages, the album is one of Shepp's


A1 Attica Blues 4:49

A2 Invocation: Attica Blues 0:19

A3 Steam (Part 1) 5:10

A4 Invocation To Mr. Parker 3:11

A5 Steam (Part 2) 5:07

B1 Blues For Brother George Jackson 4:00

B2 Invocation: Ballad For A Child 0:29

B3 Ballad For A Child 3:36

B4 Good Bye Sweet Pops 4:22

B5 Quiet Dawn 6:10