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Alice Coltrane Journey In Satchidananda

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"Journey In Satchidananda", is a serene, composed meditation on the lessons of the 1960's, a mystical work of enduring sweetness and spiritual longing. "Isis And Osiris" is a global village of texture and song. The title track and "Shiva-Loka” are gorgeous evocations of modal jazz and Indian ragas. And then there's "Stopover Bombay" and "Something About John Coltrane, " which reveal the melodious symmetry of Alice Coltrane's piano playing, a singular style deeply imbued in the old time testimonies of the spirituals and the blues.

Verve Vital Vinyl Series: Classic original Verve/Impulse! albums on vinyl featuring many of jazz’s greatest artists. Competitively priced, these are highly attractive propositions for completists and jazz newcomers alike. 180-gram pressings, mastered by the label from the original tapes. Original cover artwork & sleeve notes.


Journey In Satchidananda (1970)

A1. Journey In Satchidanada
A2. Shiva-Loka
A3. Stopover Bombay 
B1. Something About John Coltrane
B2. Isis and Osiris